Unclutter the mind #4 | Postcards of my London

Oh, London! I couldn’t resist. I just had to shoot you. Love BLK Pudding Advertisements

My ‘Adventurous’ #TBT 1980’s

❤️😀👴😭🍭 Looking back on it now and in today’s 140 character language, the above emotives can explain how my childhood, after school play time was. I was recalling that after Christmas Day, the next day was ‘Our Day’. The day when we were allowed out after being cooped up in doors for the past 24hrs, and … Continue reading

B’s Street-Style Eye

1st December already!  It took me the time to finish my lunch, have a cup of tea to do a mental stock check of just about all of the most memorable events that I could remember, and My! This year flown. A visual treat of scrolling through my photos enhanced these episodes even more. So I … Continue reading

Little White Lies | Behind the scenes photoshoot with Saga Sig

Already exclusively launched at Urban Outfitters this week, it is  not everyday you get asked to cover a new label’s very first brand photo shoot for their Christmas and Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Little Whites Lies is a new womenswear label created by Angie De Napoli. To  watch your dream unfold before your very eyes and … Continue reading

Just the right amount of Goodness! My Olympic 2012: Week 1

Now the Olympic London 2012 is here, most of us Brits have finally stopped moaning and are actually getting into the games with gusto! And as of yesterday (Saturday 4th Aug) TEAM GB gained 6 GOLDS in 1 day they are now 3rd in the medal table. TEAM GB is like British Rail. Might be … Continue reading

Top Black Male Model…Where are you?

Big question… I see and find many beautiful black women and slowly yet surely, see more major editorials for the likes of Joan Smalls and Ajax, but where the heck are the ‘bite your lip‘ black male models? All I could think of were Tyrese Gibson and Tyson Beckford both now celebrities in their own … Continue reading

No time for sleeping at Jocks&Nerds Issue 4 Party!

My whole body and especially my feet were saying ‘No! Save me! Go Home!’ I had been up since 5am for the Spring/Summer Pre collection appointments and of course, the evening rain gave me the added unwanted accessory of soaked feet!  But decided what the heck. FORWARD! Glad I did. Oooo! What a lovely evening. I made … Continue reading

BLOC.2012 ‘I’m Gonna Tell My Mum On You!’

I say it is illegal for anyone to leave when good vinyl is spinning. That’s exactly what I and my  friends did. Having palpitations at the fact that I was going to see Snoop Dog at Bloc.2012 ,and possibly going on a ship to get my groove on would have been one of the highlights … Continue reading

Wonderful World: Rancinan | Caroline Gaudriault Exhibition

‘The “yes” without the “no’, the “good’ without the “bad”, the “me” without the “us”. Photographer Gérard Rancinan’ Wonderful World’ exhibition entertainingly portrays what his vision of modern-day consumerism and aesthetics has led us to. Composed and documented by journalist Caroline Gaudriault  the pair make a very good fit.  And Yes! all the models are real. … Continue reading

How my friends and I celebrated the Diamond Jubilee

Well, we Brits had a 4 day well ‘rinsed‘ holiday. Meaning we partied, ate, slept, T.V’d, stood-in-rain (No! I did not do this), got put upon and visited upon all during and for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. That’s all we’ve been talking about for weeks. So many events took place and everyone was somewhere. Thanks … Continue reading