B’s Street-Style Eye

1st December already!  It took me the time to finish my lunch, have a cup of tea to do a mental stock check of just about all of the most memorable events that I could remember, and My! This year flown.

A visual treat of scrolling through my photos enhanced these episodes even more. So I thought I’d share you with some of my favourite street-style snaps during my meanderings around London to date

Roll Call : Diamond Geezer, Afro Power Beauty, Street & Mean, Gutter & Glitter, The Golden Hoop, Laid Back Beauty, Cutie in H&M MMM, Photoshoot, In the Hood, Vintage Bold, The Truth Teeshirt, Wanderings

All photos by B in the Making

Diamond Geezer

Afro Power Beauty

Street & Mean

Gutter Glitter

The Golden Hoop

Laid back beauty

Cute in H&M MMM

On a photo shoot

In The Hood

Vintage Bold

The Truth Teeshirt


2 Responses to “B’s Street-Style Eye”
  1. Pictures that tell a thousand words. x


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