BLOC.2012 ‘I’m Gonna Tell My Mum On You!’

I say it is illegal for anyone to leave when good vinyl is spinning. That’s exactly what I and my  friends did.

Having palpitations at the fact that I was going to see Snoop Dog at Bloc.2012 ,and possibly going on a ship to get my groove on would have been one of the highlights of the year. But did this happen? Nope! What did happen is that we arrived at the designated gate number 4 was first to hear that ‘It was full to capacity and not letting anyone in‘ , then ‘Police had taken over and no-one was getting in‘ The final official announcement after an hour and a half of foolishly waiting around, heard on a loud-speaker ‘That no-one was definitely not getting in. End.’

Sorry Snoop! Would have loved to have seen you, but apparently due to a few lugger heads who didn’t want to pay tried to rush the gates, bad organisation killed it for the rest of us. Complete Shut Down.

The funniest complaint of the evening ‘I can’t believe this shit! This is not right! I’m gonna tell my mum on you’

So into a cab to Shoreditch, had quick drinks at the Dragon bar where we bumped into other artists who were meant to be playing at Bloc.2012 and couldn’t get in, softened our ear drums with great rare groove tunes and then headed over to Village Underground.

?uestlove or  Questlove from The Roots played a blinding set right to the last-minute of closing! HAPPINESS!

So moral of this story is, sometimes the mighty don’t always produce the best. I’m hoping that those who actually got into Bloc.2012 made the most of their ticket purchase and had a good time, but from what I have read from the twitter feeds many are not happy at all.

For me ..You loose Big Time This Time! QuestLove…YOU ROCK!


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