Just the right amount of Goodness! My Olympic 2012: Week 1

Now the Olympic London 2012 is here, most of us Brits have finally stopped moaning and are actually getting into the games with gusto! And as of yesterday (Saturday 4th Aug) TEAM GB gained 6 GOLDS in 1 day they are now 3rd in the medal table.

TEAM GB is like British Rail. Might be late but they get there in the end!!!

Whether you are into sport or not, you can’t get away from it. Considering I live pretty close to the Stadium I have felt the impact. Westfield Stratford Shopping Center is heaving, the traffic at snail’s pace and the underground!!  (unless you have seen my tweets) I am not even going to mention. So here’s to  my first Olympic week.

Watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony at Create London Party and sashay the night away to a fantastic Brazilian Band

Watched cyclist getting tickets for riding in Olympic Lanes

   Spotted this beauty on the canal and asked to take her photo. She sat down and ‘Voila’! My absolute favourite!

Embarrassing! Nearly crashed into this female Olympic rider at crossing. Lucky she was just training.

Spotted and chatted to this beauty! He was very cool & super cute!

Arnuad Assoumanin. French Paralympian Long Jumper. I wish you the very best of Luck!

A bit of style spotting.

Loved this honey blonde Afro!

I liked this statement T-shirt. Even better when I found out that Claudio designed by him, Simone Spedicato & Marco Sartori!


Ended my first Olympic week in rocking style with a free concert at Victoria Park with the one and only SOUL II SOUL and the master DJ JAZZIE B

My version of the Olympic Rings using Rowntree Fruit Pastilles. (I ate most of the dark ones, so had to use orange as blue)


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