Unclutter The Mind # 2015. 365. 7. 24

That’s how long we’ve got to make the changes we want. And try not to kid yourself too much, for the lack of super powers truly suck. “Hehehe” Thanks for following, you are all great! Happy New Year! Peace & Love a B <a href="https: <br / Advertisements

A Sunday 90’s Chill Out

My son inspired this week blog. It’s the last Sunday before Christmas and for the first time in a long time, I’m prepared. I can seriously chill out. Joshua is still an early bird, and of course for him Sunday is like any other day. Wake up, eat and play. He managed to get hold … Continue reading

Unclutter The Mind | The Sunday Seduction

I’ve come to enjoy rainy Sunday’s in autumn. The afternoons are the best. After that lovely roast and dessert, there’s nothing better than cocooning yourself on the sofa and settle down to either watch a movie, grab a book, surf the net or my absolute favourite, dozing off to tunes of the past. Here’s to … Continue reading

Unclutter The Mind #6. Fierce & Free

Unclutter The Mind #5

The Gift of the Gab

Exercising your gob with your friends can unleash magic. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Your mind is full of everything and having a sound board produces ideas, direction or affirmation that you maybe on the right track. For example, today when power walking with my girl Amanda, we did not stop talking! Catching up, checking … Continue reading

Beaming New Year

Beaming to you all from live from London via satellite. I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!

My ‘Adventurous’ #TBT 1980’s

❤️😀👴😭🍭 Looking back on it now and in today’s 140 character language, the above emotives can explain how my childhood, after school play time was. I was recalling that after Christmas Day, the next day was ‘Our Day’. The day when we were allowed out after being cooped up in doors for the past 24hrs, and … Continue reading

Un-clutter the mind

      Visual stimulation and a bit of fun.  

You can never have enough COATS!

I have 18 coats in a trunk. Yes! I said ‘trunk’ because the downstairs closet, the hook behind the bedroom door and the coat rack are full! And I’m not going to tell you how many jackets I have as that would be hurting not you, but me! My penchant for sneakers, (trainers to UK … Continue reading