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Well, look what I’ve gone and done! 

I’ve opened an online mini store!  Welcome to ‘Season 1’ of Boa-Chi & co Limited pieces at great prices. So first come first served  Check it out.  Enjoy and thank you!        Advertisements

‘Sweet Mother. I No Forget You’ 

If you are reading this, then laugh and give props to two people. Your Mother and your Father.  Whether they are here or not, you have a relationship with them or not, it doesn’t matter. Life was breathed into you.  The ‘School of Life’ will teach us all many things. But one truth is the … Continue reading

R.E.L.A.X. | Unclutter The Mind

How’s your New Year working out for you? Still on track or have come across unexpected glitches? Maybe you need to just PAUSE! And get all into perspective. R. Regroup your thoughts/plans/ideas E. Exhale. L. Lay back and be still for as long as you can A. Asses what you need and discard the rest … Continue reading

Denim sings the blues for spring

Don’t know about you, but I’m so over winter already. It’s January and I know winter is not done with us, but let’s look forward to SPRING! Even better to note denim is all about ‘High Rise’ and ease. Meaning emphasis on the waist and room in the thigh, and if you get it right, … Continue reading

It’s all ‘Retro’

70’s and a touch of the 80’s will be hitting your bodies from head to toe this year. We’ve seen it from the F/W 2014 catwalks and just about all have made some sort of homage to these decades. For those ready to embrace it, I’ve got a feeling boho will be back with a … Continue reading

Unclutter The Mind # 2015. 365. 7. 24

That’s how long we’ve got to make the changes we want. And try not to kid yourself too much, for the lack of super powers truly suck. “Hehehe” Thanks for following, you are all great! Happy New Year! Peace & Love a B <a href="https: <br /


I’ve I have been on this beautiful planet long enough to know by now what I DON’T want and like. And if I have learnt my lessons, 2015 should be a breeze. I definitely like my body. I definitely like my circle of friends I definitely like my work I definitely like my food And … Continue reading

A Sunday 90’s Chill Out

My son inspired this week blog. It’s the last Sunday before Christmas and for the first time in a long time, I’m prepared. I can seriously chill out. Joshua is still an early bird, and of course for him Sunday is like any other day. Wake up, eat and play. He managed to get hold … Continue reading

‘Crimbo Cringe’ The Christmas Jumper

It’s that time of year again, where it’s either given as a ‘gift’ or worn as joke, you can’t avoid seeing at least one person in it. The Christmas jumper is the ‘Crimbo Cringe’ Thankfully it’s only for one day of the year where all suffer gladly. (Images via web)

Unclutter The Mind | The Sunday Seduction

I’ve come to enjoy rainy Sunday’s in autumn. The afternoons are the best. After that lovely roast and dessert, there’s nothing better than cocooning yourself on the sofa and settle down to either watch a movie, grab a book, surf the net or my absolute favourite, dozing off to tunes of the past. Here’s to … Continue reading