It’s all ‘Retro’

70’s and a touch of the 80’s will be hitting your bodies from head to toe this year. We’ve seen it from the F/W 2014 catwalks and just about all have made some sort of homage to these decades. For those ready to embrace it, I’ve got a feeling boho will be back with a … Continue reading

The Bare Essentials for Spring

It’s been a crazy few months for me. Wishing for more hours in the week, yet gagging for the arrival of the weekend. I’ve missed most of AW13 fashion week and general goings on. The weather hasn’t been to clever either, and for us in the UK, Spring has yet to arrive. So until I get my … Continue reading

My Black History Month Style Salute

We have a lot to celebrate about. From 1st Jan 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, the voting rights of 1965, having a first Black President in 2008, Oprah being greatest black American in History (and at one point 1st black billionaire) and personally for me, the days my 3 nieces were born . Add this to the … Continue reading

What’s all the ‘Hoo-Ha’ about? Azealia Banks Fashion Cover & others

Azealia Bank’s cover for Dazed & Confused‘s September issue magazine seems to have been banned in some seven countries as the female ‘en-vogue -of -now rapper ‘ is shown holding an inflated pink condom to her lips as if she were smoking a cigar.  But really, why all the ‘hoo-ha’? Just look at what is shown, sang (“Van … Continue reading

You want something SUPER? Well here it is!

I’m not one for advocating any one particular brand, style or look etc. but for RETROSUPERFUTURE  or SUPER sunglasses, I have to make an exception. This brand doesn’t shout from the roof tops ‘I’m here! Look at me! Buy me! It is a search-seek-buy -wear -to- death-with-enjoyment product. I’ve seen it on the ‘Who’s Who’ of … Continue reading


We haven’t had the best of weather in the UK lately. On/Off rain every other day can put a dampener on many things including your mood. Music is the key for me to change that, and there isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t like music in some form! These celebrities/singers are caught in their natural … Continue reading


I don’t  think there is any other Celebrity named, brand endorsed product out there that has been more profitable, endurable, popular, fashionable with both sexes alike, in any fashion brand collaboration. Michael Jeffery Jordan. ‘AIR JORDAN’ has to be a marketer’s wet dream product-of- a-lifetime to have.  The  Jordan’s have created such an insatiable demand, that … Continue reading

Hats Galore

I think the first time I feel in love with hats was when I saw Sound of Music and Maria’s hat. Wanted to play the guitar too but that weren’t happening. I only have one floppy hat that I enjoying wearing in LA but I don’t get much chance to wear in London. In addition … Continue reading

The most important retail space in the world is your closet!

That’s right! Your closet. Could you put a true value on how much you have spent on your purchases over the years? I could not. But how come my closet doors are not closing, and why is there a lack of space in it considering I pretty much wear my safe bets. What’s going on … Continue reading

All Hail the British Retail Indies

I love it when you see our great British Retail Indies get the recognition they deserve. British boutiques need and deserve an everyday in the media spotlight besides the usual heavies. It like treasure hunting and finding a winner. As an ex fashion agent it’s our job to know who they are, what they do … Continue reading