Unclutter The Mind | The Sunday Seduction

I’ve come to enjoy rainy Sunday’s in autumn. The afternoons are the best. After that lovely roast and dessert, there’s nothing better than cocooning yourself on the sofa and settle down to either watch a movie, grab a book, surf the net or my absolute favourite, dozing off to tunes of the past. Here’s to … Continue reading

Tuned up & turned on

A friend of mine recently asked me what albums defined me? Hmmm? I’m not really good at remembering albums, songs and artists, yes! I’m good at that. But the question intrigued me enough to write this post. Songs and artists have influenced my mood, flows throughout my home from the bedroom to the kitchen, and … Continue reading


We haven’t had the best of weather in the UK lately. On/Off rain every other day can put a dampener on many things including your mood. Music is the key for me to change that, and there isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t like music in some form! These celebrities/singers are caught in their natural … Continue reading

On My Radar. Azealia Banks and Stooshe

Back in the day, Sundays were the ‘press pause and play’ days whilst we listened to the Top 40 countdown. I heard the tune before the video because we never had MTV back then so I and my friends would make up the video stories in my head. We  had to wait for programmes such as … Continue reading