Well, look what I’ve gone and done! 

I’ve opened an online mini store!  Welcome to ‘Season 1’ of Boa-Chi & co Limited pieces at great prices. So first come first served  Check it out.  Enjoy and thank you!        Advertisements

The Gift of the Gab

Exercising your gob with your friends can unleash magic. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Your mind is full of everything and having a sound board produces ideas, direction or affirmation that you maybe on the right track. For example, today when power walking with my girl Amanda, we did not stop talking! Catching up, checking … Continue reading

Tried. Tested. Blooming Love AG Contour 360!

LADIES! There are those of us out there that finding that fit of Jean to be a pain in the arse! Too many damn boxes to tick. Doesn’t fit around the legs, butt too big so have to go up 1 or worst case 2 sizes. Then they don’t fit around the waist, or too … Continue reading

Beaming New Year

Beaming to you all from live from London via satellite. I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!

Timeless Beauty

Time is a friend and an enemy. We are free to use and abuse as we want. But when you hit a certain age everything becomes more pronounced, more sensitive, more precious. Our fashion is to look and feel good as best as we can, when we can. We go into another year with fresh … Continue reading

Super for Elton John Aids Foundation

Finally officially announced. As well as playing a part of Super’s Liberty prints collaboration, I am very happy to have been involved in this one too! Even happier when I received mine hot off production last year! RetroSuperFuture/SUPER statement: ‘We are very happy to announce that Super sunglasses was invited – and accepted with great … Continue reading

My Favourite Blog Pictures of 2011!

It’s been an interesting year for me. There have been plenty of dramas, pain-in-the-butts, belly laughs and so forth, but looking back over my blog posts I can honestly say that in between the grime of 2011 there have been some great highlights and made me smile recounting the memories of them.  The top 5 … Continue reading


>I am very thankful that I don’t live in the era portrayed in the film ‘Logan’s Run’ where you have to die when you reached the age of 30! Since 30 I have had a pretty product full, event full, mind boggling, annoying, sad and fun time I’d like to think, Thank you very much … Continue reading


>Hello Peeps! Now into the New Year and I bet half of those resolutions you made have been forgotten since going back to work. Ha. But today the sun is out and seems to be affecting everyone. Amanda and I have started our power walking again today just made it even more worthwhile.Our inspiration was … Continue reading

DELETE 2010!

>Blooming heck! Another New Year! I’ve had 40 and still more to come.So what would be different for me this coming year? hmmmm… Who the hell knows? In my ‘yout’ every year I had a resolution, some I worked at, some gave up within the hour. I know that I love and am loved to … Continue reading