The curator of style and sass. 

Of new and old school because it’s cool!

Enjoying what life has had to offer so far.

Many years in the fashion industry and still love discovering newness whether it be in culture, fashion or everyday happenings 

Of course my love affair with fashion has filtered into my own private life, but does not revolve around it!  So my posts are about whatever enlightens me.

Enjoy! B. x

7 Responses to “About”
  1. Lucy Rayner says:

    Dear B,

    Regarding your post about the amazing Home House launch of YuMiHu’s new Passenger event which I attended… And since I reposted your blog on my profile page, I have been asked to contact you.. The founders of YuMiHu would much appreciate it if you could change the internet link on your blog to the YuMiHu Facebook page (all the activity happens here), instead of the YuMiHu website- which is currently lying dormant.
    That would really help the flow of internet traffic in the right direction.
    Many thanks,


  2. Beate Hartmann says:

    Hi B, Same taste, same style, same b in the beginning…right, we should arrange this in the new year. In the meantime more colour, travel and impressions of b in the making and so…I would like to meet you in personel, sure. Think about it.Have a good NYE and still such wunderful ideas! Cheerio, beate


  3. Jessie Temple says:

    Dear B,
    We would love to invite you to the Plus Art party 2012…
    Will you send me your email address and I’ll forward the details.
    Hope all is well


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