‘Sweet Mother. I No Forget You’ 

If you are reading this, then laugh and give props to two people. Your Mother and your Father. 

Whether they are here or not, you have a relationship with them or not, it doesn’t matter. Life was breathed into you. 

The ‘School of Life’ will teach us all many things. But one truth is the same truth for all of us… We all have the same stories. It’s just told differently. 

I’m a mother of two years. The list is long of what I’ve learnt, but I’m just going to list a few and hopefully put a smile on your face; 

• Your gut instincts are sharpened and heightened to a freaky new level! You know, BEFORE you even know! (Mother’s will get this meaning). Your ‘Response Time’ and physical reflexes are faster than Hong Kong Phooey (’70’s cartoon character) 

• You’ve developed super sonic hearing. ‘Yep! That’s my child balling!’ Or ‘Why has he gone quiet?’ (He’s busy throwing anything he can find down the toilet)

• I have a new found respect for the words “WORK” and “TIRED”. These words have given me a whole new meaning! It’s another level which draws strength and patience you thought you never had!  Sod the gym! 

• Brings a different sense of joy, laughter, pain, worry, accomplishment. 

•Gives a new meaning to the word ‘Family’. Not just immediate family, (Angelo, you are our all), but your whole support network increases tenfold. 

•’BONDING’ Now that’s a word I’ve come to value and appreciate a lot. This quote sums it up for me; 

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

-Marion C. Garretty

And finally, I leave you with this classic Ghanian song ‘Sweet Mother‘ by Prince Nico Mbarga, that my beloved sister and I listened to endlessly as kids. 

Happy Mother’s Day! You are ALL wonderful! 


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