The Bomber Jacket is ‘Da Bomb!’

My obsession with sneakers, bags and coats will never diminish. The Bomber Jacker is one of my staples. This all-year-round item, mainly targeted for the guys, has become more ‘Urban Streetwear’ to the new generation and a ‘Classic’ for for the established. And gals have taken to it and given it a sweetened ‘Tomboy’ feel … Continue reading

On The Same Wavelength

‘There are some days when I wake up feeling like a lion and by the end of the day feel like a mouse.’ A statement made to me by a dear friend and one that I can truly relate to. As previously mentioned in a past post, conversing with no real agenda, can bring out … Continue reading

The Gift of the Gab

Exercising your gob with your friends can unleash magic. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Your mind is full of everything and having a sound board produces ideas, direction or affirmation that you maybe on the right track. For example, today when power walking with my girl Amanda, we did not stop talking! Catching up, checking … Continue reading

It’s someone’s treasure

Everyone likes to look good. In your mind you say you look ‘fucking great!’ But every now and then, life forces you in a direction unforeseen. And that includes your clothes! Since the arrival of my son last year, when I couldn’t be asked to dress up on most days because I was to damn … Continue reading

Unclutter the mind #4 | Postcards of my London

Oh, London! I couldn’t resist. I just had to shoot you. Love BLK Pudding

125 Magazine | Great show. Good karma!

Wow! How time flies! Since we did an exhibition back in 2008, 125 Magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary this week at London Newcastle’s immense and wonderful space on Redchurch Street. In addition to this wonderful array of photography, they have produced a book to cement their achievements. AND to my utter surprise they have noted … Continue reading

Tuned up & turned on

A friend of mine recently asked me what albums defined me? Hmmm? I’m not really good at remembering albums, songs and artists, yes! I’m good at that. But the question intrigued me enough to write this post. Songs and artists have influenced my mood, flows throughout my home from the bedroom to the kitchen, and … Continue reading

Tried. Tested. Blooming Love AG Contour 360!

LADIES! There are those of us out there that finding that fit of Jean to be a pain in the arse! Too many damn boxes to tick. Doesn’t fit around the legs, butt too big so have to go up 1 or worst case 2 sizes. Then they don’t fit around the waist, or too … Continue reading