Denim sings the blues for spring

Don’t know about you, but I’m so over winter already. It’s January and I know winter is not done with us, but let’s look forward to SPRING! Even better to note denim is all about ‘High Rise’ and ease. Meaning emphasis on the waist and room in the thigh, and if you get it right, … Continue reading

It’s all ‘Retro’

70’s and a touch of the 80’s will be hitting your bodies from head to toe this year. We’ve seen it from the F/W 2014 catwalks and just about all have made some sort of homage to these decades. For those ready to embrace it, I’ve got a feeling boho will be back with a … Continue reading

‘Crimbo Cringe’ The Christmas Jumper

It’s that time of year again, where it’s either given as a ‘gift’ or worn as joke, you can’t avoid seeing at least one person in it. The Christmas jumper is the ‘Crimbo Cringe’ Thankfully it’s only for one day of the year where all suffer gladly. (Images via web)

The Bomber Jacket is ‘Da Bomb!’

My obsession with sneakers, bags and coats will never diminish. The Bomber Jacker is one of my staples. This all-year-round item, mainly targeted for the guys, has become more ‘Urban Streetwear’ to the new generation and a ‘Classic’ for for the established. And gals have taken to it and given it a sweetened ‘Tomboy’ feel … Continue reading

Unclutter The Mind #5

It’s someone’s treasure

Everyone likes to look good. In your mind you say you look ‘fucking great!’ But every now and then, life forces you in a direction unforeseen. And that includes your clothes! Since the arrival of my son last year, when I couldn’t be asked to dress up on most days because I was to damn … Continue reading

Unclutter The Mind #3

Nothing major. Keep it simple. Appreciate the product. Admire the style.

Do you remember…

The very first time you wore these? You would either have bought the original or a variation of one of theseĀ iconic pieces of fashion. They continue to resurface time and time again, so make sure you give yours an airing. Enjoy the flashbacks of the ‘Wrap Dress’, ‘Aviator Jacket’, ‘Split Skirt’, ‘Stilettos’ ‘Smoking Jacket’, ‘Trench … Continue reading

Money talks @Depop

Well who knew this would kick off the way it has, and what a night I had?! Chanel muse Keira Knightley, her Klaxons musician husband James Righton, and 2ManyDJs, who kicked the party into another gear, were the surprise guests of the secret East London party earlier this week, celebrating the UK launch of new … Continue reading

Lucky Hat

It was whilst driving in the car with my partner that we spotted this tall woman dressed all in black, with a kicking ‘Equestrian’ style hat. Very rarely do we both comment on style at the same time, but this time we did. She looked great! This week, whilst in Manchester, my colleage got stopped … Continue reading