No time for sleeping at Jocks&Nerds Issue 4 Party!

My whole body and especially my feet were saying ‘No! Save me! Go Home!’ I had been up since 5am for the Spring/Summer Pre collection appointments and of course, the evening rain gave me the added unwanted accessory of soaked feet!  But decided what the heck. FORWARD!

Glad I did. Oooo! What a lovely evening. I made a quick visit to the exhibition & book launch of Dennis Morris Stone Roses at London Newcastle. The hay was messing with my nostrils, but good exhibition and great book by the way! Played a little ‘Door Whore‘ with my bouncer friend James, then shot over to Bedroom Bar for Jocks&Nerds Magazine Issue 4 party.

If you don’t know Jocks&Nerds you should. I started following them as soon as they started only for the fact that I loved the name! Since its first printed inception in 2010, the magazine has developed a unique take on men’s lifestyle that is entertainingly fresh. The free quarterly magazine is one that encompasses what I like to say ‘Every man‘. It’s not your typical men’s glossy. Actually I wouldn’t say it was a ‘glossy’ at all!  It has an edge and rawness in its content and editorials that draws you from the Street level up then back again.

Just the right mix of  ‘shakers’ that I like. Musicians, dancers, photographers, DJ’s, fashion buyers and Agents (Big ‘Hi’ to you lot!) and the legend DJ Jazzy B from Soul to Soul eased and funked my wet soul to happiness.

 Thanks for goody bag and go get your hands on a copy, you won’t be sorry.


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