My ‘Adventurous’ #TBT 1980’s


Looking back on it now and in today’s 140 character language, the above emotives can explain how my childhood, after school play time was.

I was recalling that after Christmas Day, the next day was ‘Our Day’. The day when we were allowed out after being cooped up in doors for the past 24hrs, and have to be super polite and helpful to the family visitors later that evening. Admittedly as a kid Christmas day was the next best day, after your birthday for presents and basically where you could get away with just about anything.

But ‘Our Day’ was to meet up with your friends to play out. And ‘IF’ you were lucky, you were allowed to take your Christmas present out with you. (WARNING! You felt fear for the child, who went home with broken toy less than 48hrs outside of its wrapping!) And on my no -longer-exists flats we had a humongous,  totally raw,  adventure playground.

An adventure playground that asked for a ‘NO GUTS! NO GLORY’, and a run-like-you-are-crazy-scream-with-laughter-until- your-cheeks-hurt, or until you heard your mother holler your name for the 3 and last time (cause you didn’t want to her to shout it again, because the tone got mother ‘deadly’) attitude

My pictures are buried somewhere in the attic, but I found this picture of it on Flickr, and…

OMG!  We had ‘balls’ back then.  I still have a small scar on my shin to prove it.

I dedicate this #THT post to all who had all kinds of ‘big adventures’ in their once small souls, and to my son…

who has become my biggest adventure of all time!

Cathall Road/Hollydown Way Adventure Playground, 1980-90's


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