How my friends and I celebrated the Diamond Jubilee

Well, we Brits had a 4 day well ‘rinsed‘ holiday. Meaning we partied, ate, slept, T.V’d, stood-in-rain (No! I did not do this), got put upon and visited upon all during and for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. That’s all we’ve been talking about for weeks. So many events took place and everyone was somewhere. Thanks to social media I was able to snap shot everyone’s shenanigans. Some funny, some tragic, some ‘should have taken to your grave’ posts and comments.

Now the fiesta is well and truly over, although we will be sick to the back teeth with tv replays soon, I asked some of my friends to share a picture of how they spent the Diamond Jubilee.

Special thanks to you all for sharing your wonderful memories: Oscar Alexander Lundburg, Fiona McNeill, Jo Lewis, Ali Entertainments, Nina Manandhar, Amy Foster, Tricia Fae, Angie De Napoli and Solat Zaidi

Oscar Alexander Lundburg’s River shot.

Tomaso Rayneri has birds eye view from the top of Buckingham Palace during Jubilee Parade.

Tricia Fae’s dog DELILLIAH in her Jubilee gear

Everyone’s a singer at Ali Entertainments

Face painted. Ph. by Nina Manandhar

We were joking around Notting Hill.

A little queeny is going in the right direction

Jo & Family at Street Party having a giggle

Notting Hill Jubilee street entertainment. Ph. B in the Making

Just tickled pink with Jubilee Joy

Angie’s friend get’s comfy.

These two had a Jubilee groove. Ph. B in the Making

3 Responses to “How my friends and I celebrated the Diamond Jubilee”
  1. I’m a self-professed Anglophile and have been so excited to watch the coverage here in the US. Great photos!


    • B in the Making says:

      Thank you! But more to my friends for letting me share! So many to choose from. Everyone somehow somewhere was having their own jubilee:)


  2. Irene B says:

    How in the world did i miss this blog! I didn’t get it until Solat told me Mariyah was in the pictures – little queeny with the flag.. Love it!!


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