The start of Christmas windows

It’s November and I’m already being beaten down with TV ads promoting their wares and festive foods. Have to laugh as one of the funniest so far is Iceland’s Scampi and Chip cones. Come on now! SERIOUSLY!

Even worse is that one of my favourite words, Christmas, is being beaten down. Must I hear it sung and repeated time and time again by a singer I don’t know to the worst beat and with a voice you want to swing your bag at?!

That being said we are only a few weeks away. So being blinkered to all the other crap I ventured out to Soho and Bond Street to check out the festive windows and slowly get into my own Christmas spirit. Many stores had their windows covered up in preparation for their reveal and others just simply had displays of ‘I can’t be asked to entice customer into my store, so I will just stick a bow on the shelves and tinsel around the cash desk.‘  However I did find a few gems, but will be back to check out the final overall West End effect.


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