Kundalini Arts, Gabby Young and Pandora. What a combo!

Been following Kundalini Arts ever since Emma showed me the first scarf. Timing could not be any more right for these guys as women are using them more and more. I have since a child. Yeah! I use them to wrap my hair at night and more so lately when having a bad hair day. You know how it is girls!

The prints on Kundalini scarves are beautiful done. Hand finishing superb. Fine silk. They are just quality.

Philip Shadbolt and Mandala Bob (I always smile at that name) are the talented, Brighton based duo behind it. Inspired by art nouveau/ deco periods and the numerous trips to India and the beyond, have enabled them to translate their joys into their work and produced some wonderfully diverse collaborations such as the commissioned interior work for My Hotel Group, fashion designer Manish Arora, and limited editions for Bombay Electric store in India.

Who is Gabby Young? Google coughed up heaps. The rising songstress is part of an eight piece band called Gabby Young and Other Animals that inventively mash the sounds of folk, Jazz, Rock and Gypsy. I particularly liked the song and video “We’re all in this together” mainly because it was not all about close-ups of the artists. Her soaring clear vocals, rythms and lyrics are nice to listen to.

I managed to get some behind-the-scene photos for the up-coming collection courtesy of Emma who did the styling. Quoting Emma, she says…

The shoot is for Kundalini Arts to show the versatility of the new size scarf, and convey their influences from Far Eastern Culture, the 20″s and 40’s, the buzz of London and the quirk of Brighton through a visual tapestry.

Gabby’s red-haired vintage inspired style is eccentric, colourful and fun. Add Gabby with Kundalini scarves new Pandora Collection, I think we are all going to be for some wonderful visual delights.

Model: Gabby Young
Photographer: Anushka Menon
Make Up – Jeni Dodson
Styling – Emma Crosby
Scarves – Kundalini Art

All the fluff and puff

Gabby Young with Philip and Mandala


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