On The Same Wavelength

There are some days when I wake up feeling like a lion and by the end of the day feel like a mouse.’
A statement made to me by a dear friend and one that I can truly relate to.
As previously mentioned in a past post, conversing with no real agenda, can bring out the best in both of you. Especially when they are on your wavelength.
Striking out on your own is no easy task. I am my own worst ‘Devil Advocate’ and sometimes talk myself out of the ‘OMG! That’s a cool idea’, because of fear.

But the real truth of what holds 99% of us back and when broken down to bare necessities, is the lack of funding or finance.
Let’s be real here. The markets are different since the recession
We all know how tough it has been and can be without it. Even more so now to those who want to be self-employed.
So what do you do?
Keep on doing what you’ve been doing and making someone else rich as you watch your dreams shrivel to dust? Or do you start, however small, using whatever time you have, and keep pushing at it.
And as you know nothing is truly unique but you have a product. I believe in my ‘4 P’s’
It always comes down to ‘Package. Presentation. Push. Patience’
Knowing this, you need to get some balls and find some gumption.
‘Yes! But timing is also the key‘ I hear you say. Yes! This can also be true, but you’ve just lost seconds, minutes, hours maybe even days procrastinating on the ‘What If’s’ etc.

I’ve already taken my own advice and started just by cleaning out my closet and selling it on. This in itself has spurned me on, and I’m sure will lead into something. Something good real soon.



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