The Gift of the Gab

Exercising your gob with your friends can unleash magic.
It can happen anytime, anywhere.
Your mind is full of everything and having a sound board produces ideas, direction or affirmation that you maybe on the right track.

For example, today when power walking with my girl Amanda, we did not stop talking! Catching up, checking new routes, and bouncing ideas. Even shit stories make good fertiliser!
Nowadays, many have strong desires to strike out on their own and implementing ideas is not always easy. But those with tenacity, courage, passion, timing and patience are the ones that inspire themselves and others, that either good or bad, succeed or fail just trying is half the battle and one to be proud of.

In my opinion, in fashion there is very little out there that is ‘unique’
but it is how it is presented that you see a new ‘spin’.
And the social savvy world of today that makes a difference.
When I had my fashion agency, it was because I was told it wouldn’t succeed. That pissed me off. So I called it ‘Maverik’. ( the renegade that I am ‘without the ‘C’), and for 12 successful years proved that sucker and many others wrong. I learned a lot and loved every bit of it.

On my recent store visits, I saw this in Goodhood store, London. It made me think ‘Would I do it again?’
Maybe not, but I sure have a desire to try something new. What it is, I don’t know yet. I know now what I DON’T like, so when I come across it, I will give it my all. For we all have second wind for a second coming.


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