It’s someone’s treasure

Everyone likes to look good. In your mind you say you look ‘fucking great!’
But every now and then, life forces you in a direction unforeseen. And that includes your clothes!
Since the arrival of my son last year, when I couldn’t be asked to dress up on most days because I was to damn frigging tired, I literally lived in anything oversized, jeans and spritzed with ‘eau de baby puke’

Now he’s nearly 2, I’ve been back at work for a year already, and finally my wardrobe and past samples from agency bitch-slapped me into sorting it out.
So whilst going through all (which was a 2 day job!) these major points became clear;

1. My tastes have clearly changed. I like more refined, cleaner, but clever designs. I’ve homed my style
2. I am bit more ‘fine tuned’. My purchases are more considered and willing to pay for them (because I ain’t got money to burn!)
And finally;
3. I am happy with my body shape!

Over 20 years in the fashion biz, I’ve accumulated A LOT of garments. Some ‘You-were-out-of-your-tiny-frigging-mind’ purchases (which went straight on the street for others to take it or taken to charity shops. And my other ‘timeless quality’ items that I have loved, but have no more use for (or I have something dead similar or no longer practical), samples from brands no longer existing or where I’ve bought a sample for myself, I’ve decided to sell off on Depop

I prefer Depop for mainly 2 things;
1. Take a picture, upload, detail, sell. All from my phone.
2. None of that eBay drama for me! (It may work great for some, but for a working mother such as me, I have no time for their long-winded protocols)

So, if you like a bargain and you want quality, because on the items on offer I spent RETAIL money on and overall, I know how to respect my things.
Have a browse at my DEPOP page and bag yourself a treasure.
Got some for guys too.




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