Tried. Tested. Blooming Love AG Contour 360!

There are those of us out there that finding that fit of Jean to be a pain in the arse! Too many damn boxes to tick. Doesn’t fit around the legs, butt too big so have to go up 1 or worst case 2 sizes. Then they don’t fit around the waist, or too tight around the calf, or too much fabric around the knees.

Blah! Blah! Blah!

And then when you’ve think you’ve found your one true pair, after a while they loose that first ‘dewy eyed’ love you had because something unexpected has happened to them?!
The list is endless. It’s like trying to find the holy bloody grail!

Knowing my love of denim (and I’m mainly a boyfriend fit jean kind of woman), I heard a lot about the AG Contour 360. Even watched the ballerinas swan around in them.

All fair & well I said, but what about the general joe blog public who aren’t straight up and down? Who have rounded butts and chicken thighs? Yeah! Me!

But I wanted a new pair, so I got myself the Farrah High Rise Skinny in Indigo Black, and put them through the mill.
On it’s first outing, my AG Contour 360 jeans went through my work day grind, which included…
Up and down 4 sets of underground escalators
Up and down 14 flights of stairs (work and underground)
1 mile of walking (to and from work)
Shopping and…
Chasing after my 17 month old son

And what can I say… I BLOOMING LOVE THEM!
AG Contour 360 did all that and more, without any dramas.
No bagging around the knee. tick
They fit snugly on the small of my back so no need for a belt! First time ever for me! Double tick
Didn’t twist or sag in any way tick
They hug my bum sweetly tick
And the fabric and colour is divine! tick

Only think to note is that the indigo black is dyed, so the colour did come off a bit. But I’m sure after its first wash (inside out and with like colours) the colour will remain rich.

Not one for endorsing products or brands as many others do perfectly well, but I do know I have many friends who ask me for aid in buying jeans. So I’m giving you a heads from a working mum, who loves to come across a gem of find and feel like ‘sexy ballerina with extra foam’
So if you are looking for quality, fit, lux and performance, I suggest AG Contour 360 jeans, for these are my ‘bad ass gals’ of the season.

Giving these a 9.5/10 and I’m proud to show my butt!




2 Responses to “Tried. Tested. Blooming Love AG Contour 360!”
  1. jo says:

    If my bum will look like that, please, send me 10 pair!


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