You can never have enough COATS!

I have 18 coats in a trunk. Yes! I said ‘trunk’ because the downstairs closet, the hook behind the bedroom door and the coat rack are full!

And I’m not going to tell you how many jackets I have as that would be hurting not you, but me!

My penchant for sneakers, (trainers to UK folks), bags and outwear has eased slightly over the last year, but the bug will always be these 3.

I have worn all my coats at one time or another, but I’m hankering for one with texture and/or print  and I don’t do actual fur!

Final deliveries of new season FW13 are due to be complete in stores, so I’ve done some research, of course bearing in mind the back pocket wallet, but that doesn’t mean you should scrimp on quality!  So make those pennies work!

So have a gander at these inspirations and be prepared for the winter onslaught in style.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, motherhood sure takes some beating on your time, but loving it!  However, you can check me over at B IN THE MAKING  Facebook page for daily inspirational posts. 

Thanks B






Herieth Paul in “Grey Zone” by Chris Nicholls for Fashion, September 2013

6 Responses to “You can never have enough COATS!”
  1. Q says:

    Love the third and last pic! I agree!… one could NEVER have enough coats!!!!x


  2. Geri Looker says:

    I have 2 light weight coats, I really don’t need them over here in Georgia USA, although I may have to buy one on my next visit to the UK in Nov if the weather is as bad as last Nov.


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