T’was the ‘Sucker-for-Punishment’ shop before Christmas

Why I do this to myself every year is beyond me?! I am a ‘Sucker-for-punishment!’

Again I have left my Christmas shopping to the last-minute. If I do by internet, I am not 100% sure it will arrive on time even if they say they guarantee it, and do I want to run the gauntlet, subject myself to  bitchy attitudes of shoppers all frantically trying to make decisions on items or rush to another store for the sold out item, on a rainy day. NO!

But shop I must. My family and friends will have to deal with the ‘B’s sorry I’m late again. Here’s your Happy New Year Pressie’

If are stuck for ideas here are a few I have found that lovely, affordable and  worth checking out.

‘Ho-Hum’ I may as well get started.

From top to bottom: Studded Heart Bag at Pixie Market, Tabletop Firebowls via Wanelo, Vintage Lanvin Shoes via Material Wrld, “I can’t hear you” Headphones by Frends, Sofa Bags by CafeAnd, 77 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ. Mitzy Dress by Little White Lies, Mistletoe Garland By Amy Merrick, “Stay Home is the New Going Out” Teatowels by Pretty Berlin, Red Sand Elephant T-shirt by FusionKevla

studded heart bag pixiemarket

tabletop fire bowls wanelo




Mitzy Dress little white lies lbd AMYMERRICK.BIGCARTEL staying_home_new_grande



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