I got into my slim jeans. Yes! Zipped up. Yes! Got to work & made a cup of tea. No Problem. Sat down for 5 minutes and realized that today was not going to be a good day. Why? It finally dawned on me that being 5 months pregnant the jeans I was wearing put pressure on my stomach and was so uncomfortable, it was like opening and closing a bottle of fizzy drink and trying to keep the gas in! I had to unbutton my jeans every time I sat down. (You should have seen how fast those came off when I got home!)

Luckily for me, I am not your typical ‘girly, girl.’ For the top half of my clothing in my wardrobe, I have no problem in finding things to wear as I like easy, interesting, detailed clothing and classics. But besides by boyfriend jeans, harem pants & leggings, I have noticed that my bottom half attire was going to be woefully under catered for the next 4 months (And I’m still in no frame of mind to buy any maternity wear)

As long as I don’t over do it with the eating and keep up my power walking, with the addition of  this Belly Belt extender, I should still be able to use 80% of my current winter wardrobe, and in the meantime make a small investment in these gems that I can continue to use after.

So with a glass of Sprite in my hand, I say Bottoms Up to that!

From top to bottom : Mango Leather Pants, H&M Maison Martin Margiela Jeans, Top Shop Tube Skirts  & Myself (B In the Making) below


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