What’s all the ‘Hoo-Ha’ about? Azealia Banks Fashion Cover & others

Azealia Bank’s cover for Dazed & Confused‘s September issue magazine seems to have been banned in some seven countries as the female ‘en-vogue -of -now rapper ‘ is shown holding an inflated pink condom to her lips as if she were smoking a cigar.  But really, why all the ‘hoo-ha’? Just look at what is shown, sang (“Van Vogue” rapper ‘s video)  and gyrate in the music scene today. Even some fashion shows are not shy of going the whole yard.

I don’t know the personal life of Azealia Bank’s and don’t want to. But this young lyrical star talks to her generation of today and styles herself as such. Are we really that naive to think that they don’t know what they are doing? Give them a break! There are much worse out there.  She seems to be a smart, funny young lady, and to be honest… I bloody well love the cover.

Relax people and enjoy the fun of it. Here are some other ‘controversial’ fashion covers that caused a stink that you may remember.









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