You want something SUPER? Well here it is!

I’m not one for advocating any one particular brand, style or look etc. but for RETROSUPERFUTURE  or SUPER sunglasses, I have to make an exception. This brand doesn’t shout from the roof tops ‘I’m here! Look at me! Buy me! It is a search-seek-buy -wear -to- death-with-enjoyment product.

I’ve seen it on the ‘Who’s Who’ of celebrities, models, singers  and in numerous press editorials. Their well thought-out, balanced collaborations from skate brands to stores such as Liberty London and Barneys New York, make SUPER an accessible desirable brand for all who want quality, style and a good pocket price.

The collection is ridiculously good and for the coming Spring/Summer 2013  the collection is immense as they will be offering sizes.

You want something SUPER? Invest in a pair, or 2 or 3 (as I have) You won’t be sorry.

5 Responses to “You want something SUPER? Well here it is!”
  1. IreneB says:

    I have always loved their glasses! Even when you put them on the girls at £250 a pop lol!


  2. valery says:

    hey sorry where can i buy super classic black sunglasses in london? i really can’t find them! thanks 🙂


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