The love affair of Des Taylor and The Infamous Katie Rogers

    • I kid you not! My sister and I had Batman wallpaper in our bedroom as kids and for my love of cartoons this has never left me. I have been following Des Taylor’s work since his exhibition in December 2011 he had at our then gallery Maverik Showroom, he has become a firm friend and favourite of mine. Of late,  I noticed he was putting more emphasis into a new character that I found myself enjoying more than the other cleverly illustrated characters he draws, THE INFAMOUS KATIE ROGERS. His bright, lively tone of work he gives this fictional character is wonderfully entertaining. But what I admire more about Des and his new ‘love affair ‘ is the dry, witty ‘tongue-in-cheek’ sense of Brit humour he adds that makes her come alive. The soon-to-be released comic book character THE INFAMOUS KATIE ROGERS  is ‘NOT’ a dumb blonde. She is also feisty and endearing.For those of you who follow me on my B in the Making page would have noticed that I have posted quite a few of his works and the response has been huge. So to know a little bit more about Des, here’s the 411 on him and his ‘bit on the side’

      Q: What’s the 411 on you Des?

      Des TaylorWell, Bridge! I’m all about bringing some new tales to lovers of animation and the comic book art medium. My slogan ” bringing some chicks into comics” is the forefront of my master plan. By creating new female protagonists for my tales I hope to attract not only regular buyers of comic books, but to try and open a market for people who do NOT collect comics and want to try to find a character they can enjoy reading and relate to

      Q: What schooling did you get?
      Des Taylor After I watched Star Wars at Bruce Grove Odeon back in ’77, all I wanted to do was draw. Remember, Star Wars toys did not come out until maybe a year AFTER the movie was released, so it all had to be in your imagination. Years later, I did a Foundation course in Art and then a Diploma in Graphic Design and image making. I’m self-taught since the age of 7! I taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator back in ’98 after buying my first computer the iMAC bubble. I had to! As every job I got demanded ‘I’ design and emails in hi res copy. Back then I didn’t even know how to email!! Jokes!

      Q: What was your career ‘jolt’ that made you say “Yeah! This is what I want as my job!”?
      Des Taylor I was illustrating the Michael Jackson fan club mag ‘Off The Wall’ when Michael asked me for a piece of my work. I met him back stage and he told me how talented I was and how he loved the artwork. Talk about a confidence booster!
      I then went on to illustrate the More! Magazine ‘Position Of The Fortnight’ for yeeeeeears, which paid very well and put me on the radar. (maybe too much) as I remember my work being in The SUN newspaper, a double page spread saying “MP’s to crack down on young girls magazines verging on Porn!’ I shit myself that morning on the tube.

      The editors laughed at it, said the publicity was great for the magazine. Not sure my mom was too proud though when she found out! I even remember the time when I was running the Student Union bar at WestHerts College that I had an epiphany or some shit (whilst under the influence of Jack Daniels) after some of the girls from the Performing Arts block cussed me by saying I was too talented to be running a bar and should take it my skills seriously! I packed up that job and started up my illustration and design company

      Q: You are known for your love of Superheros. If you could be 3 of your favourites rolled into 1, who would they be?
      Des TaylorThey would be Blade, batman and Shang Chi. Blade for the skills and the attitude. Batman for the money, the gadgets and detective knowledge and Shang Chi- the Master of Kung Fu. just to cement the fact that NOBODY could touch me when it came to Martial Arts!! All three are heavily trained in that shit! My fave to draw is Superman though. Love the original costume! The cheesy ideals, the chivalry. Top!

      Q: You are about to launch the hugely popular fictional character KATIE ROGERS comic book in October 2012. Can you give me a brief story outline?

      Des Taylor Katie Rogers is a young British publicist, living and working in NYC for a huge fashion media company called HOT PROFILE. She is constantly trying to keep her crazy clients out of the tabloid headlines. Clearing their names of scandals etc whilst at the same time trying to have some semblance of a life herself out of work

      Q: Is Katie Rogers based on anyone we know?

      Des Taylor Katie Rogers was originally inspired by a couple of mates named Lauren Cox and Rosie Solomon. Their busy life styles, attitude to hard work and struggle to sort their own personal lives out where the basis for the character. However, the character over the years has morphed into her own personality, and now I finally feel she is the character I intended her to be.

      Q: Does Katie Rogers have any fashion icons?
      Des Taylor Yes! quite a few. I look at the styles of Mary Quant’s MOD look, the short dresses of Emilio Pucci, and that cool 1960’s feel of Chanel, Yves St Lauren and Givenchy for her wardrobe. I wanted her to look iconic, have a style that never really went out of fashion. It’s definitely one of my favorite era’s for inspiration. Then I mish-mash the hairstyles of likes of Bardot and Susan George, a look worn by current inspirations, Kylie Minogue, Sienna Miller and Holly Willoughby. I also thought Katie would have that heavy eye make up and large eye look of Twiggy, Francoise Hardy and Jean Shrimpton. Lets put it this way…if she walked down the street you would look twice! Ha!

      Q: Will Katie Rogers have a ‘BITCH’ that we are all going to love to hate?

      Des Taylor OOH YEAH! Although you may end up loving her more than hate. Her name is Crystal Duvalle. A rival publicist for a Manhattan scandal rag. She has it in for our heroine, and will use every dirty tactic in the book. We will introduce other meanies as we go along but Crystal is her ‘Lex Luthor’.

      Q: Besides the wonderfully, lively illustrations, for a man, it’s not easy to get into a woman’s head, actually it’s impossible! Where do find that ‘je ne sais quoi’ punch lines and quotes that Katie has become popular for?
      Des Taylor Hey…I just wanted to create a female character that was sensitive and vulnerable like most girls, but if she was ever backed into a corner she would snap out of her weakness and be able to handle herself. I’ve been surrounded by (and attracted to) strong women for years. I grew up with 2 sisters and a Mum that had to provide for us all ,on her own. I hear of these so-called celebrities going into rehab for exhaustion and re-hydration. I laugh!! Tell that to the mother that has to work 2 jobs while bringing up 4 kids on her own…that’s exhaustion!!
      I watch my mentor, Emma Davidge run on adrenaline! Doing CRAZY window installations for some of the biggest brands on the planet, hopping from country to country on a whim. When I ask her “How the hell do you do it” She just answers “You have to be reliable and get the job done.”
      I infused that sort of ethic into my character. She has the drive to get the job done by any means necessary! Her reputation means everything to her. That’s why she is the INFAMOUS Katie Rogers!

      Q: In 5 words, who is Katie Rogers?
      Des TaylorYOU ALL ARE KATIE ROGERS!” Or so says the inlay of the book. Trying to inspire you know…

      Finally. Please impart a DES TAYLOR inspirational, zen-like quote.

      Des Taylor NEVER SAY I CAN’T, FIND A WAY!” or one that was told to me recently I like, ” There is no such thing as an ugly girl, only girl’s that do not try.”

      Over like Kournikova!



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