Amazing Karl Lagerfeld quotes that have inspired me!

These days everything can be tough. From work to even just doing the damn dishes. There seems to be no ‘Fire’ or ‘Spark‘ and Yes! I have had a doom and gloom period like many others the world over, but not anymore. I was missing that ‘Spark‘ in fashion. My research has led me to various portals that have brought a whole new meaning and interpretation for me. From life, art and fashion.

Fashion is what I know, it is a sector where I have spent many years of my working life, homing my skills and eye. And with all the negativity this economic climate is showing us,  we need to turn what we have and what can do around in ‘OUR‘ favour, and see everything from fresh eyes.

Strangely Karl Lagerfeld has been putting out exceptional quotes recently.  As the maestro such that he is, Mr Lagerfeld surprisingly has a bitingly good sense of humour, and a philosophical, yet apt attitude towards fashion and life that I you have to admire and laugh for his daring.

My favourite quote of his, (and what has inspired me to develop a new project details very soon)

‘You need to throw money out of the window for it to come back through the door!’


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