The most important retail space in the world is your closet!

That’s right! Your closet. Could you put a true value on how much you have spent on your purchases over the years? I could not. But how come my closet doors are not closing, and why is there a lack of space in it considering I pretty much wear my safe bets. What’s going on with the rest of the stuff?

A  severe 2 day blitz produced many a ‘Where the hell has that been?! ‘ to the ‘WTF! You must have lost your mind!’  right down to the ‘That’s a keeper’ and the ‘Timeless!’

Your closet demands the attention. You may have spent hundreds maybe thousands of hard your earned green over the years, to create and build your desired main style enhanced with those of your alter ego. e.g. ‘I feel like the biker look today‘.  (The gypsy look did not suit me at all!)

You’ve been inspired by what you have seen on someone, someplace or in some media.

You’ve trawled the stores, sample sales or internet for them. Could have been an impulsive ‘Oh My Days!’ or ‘Yes! I did good!’ buy or that considered or what I like to say ‘convinced yourself‘ purchase. (or maybe the store assistant or your mates convinced you, you look good). You have either looked after them or battered the heck out of them

Either way it is in your closet and it has your value of time, energy, money and thought into it.

It is your very own retail store to the world and the most important! It is your showcase, it is  how others first perceive you before speak. You are your own walking advertisement. It and you are invaluable.

So what to do with the rest? SELL what I can and donate the rest to make room for new. Others will find better use for it and maybe look even better in it than you. In the meantime I will just gaze at these wonderful closet spaces and know my time will come.

Some people dream of having a swimming pool. With me, It’s closets

– Audrey Hepburn



One Response to “The most important retail space in the world is your closet!”
  1. Irene B says:

    Lovely! I did the blitz last month – now I’m at the re-buying stage, doing it carefully – don’t want to spend gobs of money i don’t have or buy crapola i don’t need. So far so good.


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