Thumbs down by The New Yorker but thumbs up for Blown Covers

No-one likes to show their bad bits. However the quick mind of Françoise Mouly came up with an ingenious idea of collecting the covers the New Yorker wouldn’t use. Basically the rejects. But what is someone else’s trash has I think become someone else’s treasure.

Since 1993 Françoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker, has been collecting these never-rans, discarded for being too outrageous from The New Yorker and produced a great coffee book, BLOWN COVERS and a blog to match that encourage artists to submit work and the occasional competition. The New Yorker is renowned for its witty textual cartoons of the day, and it can be some mean feat in having to be discerning, wry and often humorous in their choice of cover, yet 8 times out of 10 they have been ‘very on point’

If it hadn’t been for my nightly tweet scrolling and catching the byline of  Kirsten Stewart’s Elle UK Cover Has been dropped followed by The Guardian’s The Covers the New Yorker rejected, I would have missed this gem. I even thought  back to Vogue’s The September Issue film in 2009 where Grace deftly fights her corner for her spread in the coveted September’s edition. It would be interesting to see what kind of covers other editorials have deemed unfit for front page glory. As they say ‘A beautiful flower begins its life in the dirt’ and here are a great bunch.

Source: Blown Covers

A proposed New Yorker cover. M. Scott Miller that didn't make it

By Zohar Lzar

Monica A New Yorker cover sketch submitted by Art Spiegelman at the time of the Lewinsky scandal

A cover sketch by Harry Bliss

By Jamie Stobie

'Love thy enemy' really works for Vogue Legends Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour

One Response to “Thumbs down by The New Yorker but thumbs up for Blown Covers”
  1. Irene B says:

    The bondage ones are great and the ‘service entrance’ one is very true! I can only imagine the backlash they would have gotten with the Pope one :-). Thanks for letting me see the not meant to be seen!


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