Fresh Paint. Graffiti

As much as I practiced I could never body lock or do the windmill (most probably for fear of breaking my neck) so basically stuck to my soul girl grooves, but my love of Hip-Hop was always there. Many moons ago on my many travels to the USA and Italy, I was lucky enough meet a whole crew of people who showed me other sides to the genre. Some I’m still in touch with such as artist/designer Paolo ‘Zero-T’ Capezzoli and others, but many have either ‘grown-up’, settled down or just disappeared. As controversial as it was and still is (some are just down right stupid, ugly or disrespectfully placed) Graffiti  belongs to Hip-Hop. I could not always understand the message but I do admire good ‘Spraymanship’ or statement tag.

Around the canals and underpasses near Olympic site and on way to Victoria Park, fresh designs have been created. I am sure these will either be removed or changed by the time I go back for my power walk next week, so captured a few just in case.


One Response to “Fresh Paint. Graffiti”
  1. Irene B says:

    Amazing images! Very cool!


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