On My Radar. Azealia Banks and Stooshe

Back in the day, Sundays were the ‘press pause and play’ days whilst we listened to the Top 40 countdown. I heard the tune before the video because we never had MTV back then so I and my friends would make up the video stories in my head. We  had to wait for programmes such as TOP OF THE POPS  to show the videos or the exclusive such as Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, bless their souls.  If the video lives up to your made up version, the song was even better than the hype, If not it kind of changed the whole feeling and mood of the song and your made up version look a pathetic story.

Now all changed with download, internet and what have you everything is just about instantaneous. If you blink you’ve missed it, which seems to be my case. Over the weekend I tuned into the music stations to which had been a very long while. Pete Tongs top 40 Dance tracks was great Wow! A lot of the vidoes he played such as Fish go deep by Cure and the cause (I loved this track!) made me realise how many others I had never seen but only danced my butt off  to and sang along with at clubs. (Those were the good days!)

I flipped channel and saw for the first time Azealia Banks’ 212 Ft Lazy J, cute solo star with her raw lyrics and Stooshe Love Me Ft Travie McCoy, a UK 3 set girl band. Both extreme opposites in everything from their videos to the rhythm & beat of their songs which I enjoyed.

The styling was interesting. They have their own thing going on. These young talented ladies (ages 19-22) have a sort of ‘flippant, yet-to-have -major -life experiences’ attitude which looks interesting. Stooshe has this kaleidoscope of pop colours going on whilst Azealia has that ‘on trend but not to trendy’ feel about her but both parties paying a little homage to 80’s. Whilst they both seem to be gaining momentum in the charts it will be interesting to see how they all develop in they styles.

Source: www.stooshe.com, www.azealiabanks.com, tumblr


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