A Fashion Agent’s Basic Common Sense.

I have been asked many times to write a piece on what I know from my many years in retail and as a well-seasoned fashion agent, so here’s a little bit.

This is not a sermon and I’m no guru, it is just my own version of  ‘Basic Fashion Sense‘.

NEVER KILL A CLIENT– metaphorically and literally please! They are  your ‘bit of your gold’. Just like you, they too want the best of everything. Yes , you may get the odd one that can be draining, impatient, difficult blah, blah, blah! And there will be some you have to let go for reasons beyond your control, but if you have the product and service that they desire and respect, it is ALL worth it! (Nothing good comes easy!)

COMMUNICATION – Relay what you want in a clear, professional, respectful, polite manner and vice-versa. And no matter WHAT get it all in writing. You have no idea how important this is, and can avoid all sorts of confusion and upset. NEVER be abusive. If you cannot debate or write without being insulting, then you are the one who looks stupid.  (The pen is mightier than the sword)

In addition when talking to foreign clients don’t talk back at them like they are morons. Reduce your speed of speech and speak clearly not loudly! Unless you can speak their language have some respect and note it is them that can speak two languages, you only speak one. So who’s the smart one here?! (Capito?!)

SELLING– If you know your trade you have contacted clients suitable for your brand. Don’t just go for all and sundry as the client is coming to you to buy. And if the product was not for them, when you do have a product that IS right for them, there could be a slight chance that they may not bother coming back.

Why? Because you have not taken the time to understand or ascertain what your client about. That means you have wasted your time and their time. (Time is money)

RESPECT – Finally take heed that your client know their business (hopefully). Show them the respect of knowing that THEY know their job. They are not in business for nothing.

Show them your product, a brief on the brands profile, show them the bestsellers etc and then give them space to absorb it all in and  browse. There is an art and skill of knowing when its the best time to make your interjection and help/guide them. (Babysitting sucks)

FUN– We in the fashion industry are not surgeons or scientists. We sell clothes! We are about looking good and feeling good. So make it enjoyable whenever and however you can for yourself. Your positive energy can only be infectious!

So that was little of my basics that I always use it’s not always easy and sure there are days when… BUT I love what I do and as my motto is ‘IF IT DON’T ADD UP, SUBTRACT’  and move on with humbleness, respect, class and style.

Here’s a video I made of us having fun. A Hail Harley. You have to crook your neck to watch though.



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