The fun of Tweed Run. Osaka Japan

I came across this bleary eyed this morning on a friends twitter feed via Atsuhitman posted great images of the The TWEED RUN OSAKA JAPAN.  and considering I am a totally crap bike rider it was these images that peaked my interested. This group bicycle ride started in London 2009 for cyclist to dress in traditional British cycling attire. The concept has gained a great international following. From what I’ve seen some take it to the next level, adding visual magic to this heritage fabric to an otherwise dreary cycling clothing sector. The next TWEED RUN is going to be one in London May 6th and registration opens today 10th March 2012 and appropriately sponsored by Brooks England  and Pashley. So push-off, dress dapper and have some fun.

Source: Atsuhitman , and Thanks Amy for the tweet!

2 Responses to “The fun of Tweed Run. Osaka Japan”
  1. B in the Making says:

    I highly enjoyed those videos. Thank you for sharing:)


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