Eagerly awaiting Coast+Weber+Ahaus Spring Summer 2012

I actually cannot wait for a bit of decent warm weather or for the summer to arrive! I’m even more excited at the amount of African influenced collections there will be to choose from so I can add spice to my wardrobe. Designers have dabbled in African prints before, but not to such an extent that I have seen this coming Spring/Summer 2012 season and most have made design and clever use of prints that makes it easy enough for anyone to wear.

I have seen many items that I fancy, like the sold out Fusion Kelvar’s African inspired satchel bag, but today I’m clapping my hands with glee at the Italian label Coast+Weber+Ahaus Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. It’s joyfully photos are energetic. They somehow manage to catch our sometimes ‘sideways‘ African sense of humour. This great little blog by Fiorella Ruth Kibongui at Vogue Italia explains Coast+Weber+Ahaus way of thinking. I’m inspired. Enjoy!

Source: Coast+Weber+Ahaus, Vogue Italia black


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