Nicola de Main and Nivea

Nicola de Main has been on the fashion scene for a while now and has gained a very good reputation for her stylistic, imaginative interpretive prints. To the point that her designs have caught the eye of cosmetic company Nivea. To be asked to do a new packaging collaboration is one I am sure, deserving, and to create 3 vibrant designs for this limited edition packs…even better.

In addition to Nicola’s relaunch of her clothing brand with the aptly titled ‘The Girl Who Thought She Could Fly‘ (see video) I was very honoured to help celebrate with Nicola, friends, buyers and media alike her new collaboration at the super friendly, loving decorated 98 Bar and Lounge. The cocktails, burgers and pizzas were ACE!

The new packs will be available in the UK from May.

As well having worked with Nicola we have become good friends and very proud and happy of her accomplishments.

Thank you Nicola for a wonderful launch party, very happy for you and  I can assure you WE HAD CRAZY FUN!

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