Shoreditch Massive

It’s gritty, creative, messy, genuine, has soul, character and characters, fearless, a risk taker or breaker, has an attitude. That’s the East End and that’s Shoreditch for you. During the day it is a normal, habitable, busy area. On certain nights like The First Thursday it is a vibrant monster. You either get it or you don’t. But no-one gives a damn if you do for all are doing their own thing and even better when it is a free.  It’s there for you to take from it what you will. Me, it’s my stomping ground and I enjoy it most of the time.

If you are game and ready to encounter the unexpected then you could be in for a treat. Just hang loose, let your mind go and check out the area.

Pop by London Newcastle Space (these guys are slamming it by hosting great exhibitions) to see an entertaining and interactive group show including Daniel Poole and then over to Box Park to check out Pure Evil’s great detached portraits.


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