On my Radar: Fenton Art & Etoile Home. Interior Design

It’s all fair and well-looking cool and crisp on the outside with your threads but what about the home. This area I don’t have much knowledge in, but these two companies came to my attention. Fenton Art + Design run by Steven & Cherry Chapman as like me  they also like to champion the new talent and indies, and the other is Shani Beadle’s Etoile Home as she is in my East London manor and has a good selection of  adults & kids furnishings. So good for me as I don’t have far to go when I need new additions for the home and even better for you as Etoile has great stockists dotted around London.

Fenton marries fine art and graphic design in a new and exciting brand. Each year, Cherry and Steve scour the UK’s graduate fine art shows looking for fantastic new talent to inspire their fabric design.

Etoile home was launched in 2006 by fashion and interiors photographer and stylist Shani Beadle. étoile was born from the rich colours, textiles and prints that inspired her during her travels around the world. Combining a line of housewares that are fun and eclectic.


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