Digging the Afros

My own hair is a life long, repetitive episode. Wash, condition, steam, blow dry, moisturizer, wrap,  straighten, style. Going to the hairdresser would mean a good part of the morning or afternoon gone. Over the years my crown and glory has had many adventures weaves, wet looks, extensions, short crop, long, mid-length, relaxed, plaits, all enhanced with a rainbow of colours. I’ve played at being blonde, black dark red, blue/black and dark brown. The only style that I have not tried since as a child is having full Afro. So I have been looking at Natural styles. Whether I do go ‘au naturale’ will be another matter, but here are my inspirations in the meantime that I have highly enjoyed discovering.

Sources: Tumblr, Life Magazine

2 Responses to “Digging the Afros”
  1. stylebyladyg says:

    So cool and cute. I have the feeling though that this style will not be as ‘easy’ to care for as it looks!
    My hair is fine, and been in a bob for too long. I am thinking of something different too. Its a pain just washing, drying, conditioning and straightening. Will I dare to try something different? Dilemma’s for us both. Let me know what you decide, with a photo too! G


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