Black Barbies at their best

I came across an image of a ‘Fierce‘ looking Black Barbie and was intrigued to find more. To my surprise there are actual dedicated mediums to this black beauty. There’s Black Doll House and Flickr streams Little Miss Vixen of Black Barbie and her adventures, loves and girl dramas that I really enjoyed. There are tonal references to celebrities such as Nicki Manaj and Lil Kim, but first and foremost Black Barbie is a high-class, kick-ass model! Such is the humourous storytelling and imaginative studio and ‘Jackie‘ styled photos that you cannot help but want to see more. Some are fashionably dressed and some are just laugh out loud.

I wish they were around in my day, but they are here now. Here are some of my favourites to get you going.

Talk to the hand

Teen models Dionne, Kendall & Taylor 'Werk' the set

Brandie and Marcus. Yeah! Ok. Pony tail...Ya needs to go!

2 Responses to “Black Barbies at their best”
  1. Yemzi says:

    Great, thanks for sharing!
    Tweeted a link to this page on my twitter @officialyemzi



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