My Favourite Blog Pictures of 2011!

It’s been an interesting year for me. There have been plenty of dramas, pain-in-the-butts, belly laughs and so forth, but looking back over my blog posts I can honestly say that in between the grime of 2011 there have been some great highlights and made me smile recounting the memories of them.  The top 5 most viewed post of 2011 were…

A Love LetterThe Private view & after party. Lawrence Watson Noel GallagherLondon Fashion Week. Day 2  The SmilesKeep it New. The Wedding and Quanto Sei Bella

I have taken so many photo with my R.I.P. Lumix camera and my trusty Blackberry , that I wish I could put them all on. But that would take forever and you would most definitely ‘switch off’ after the first 40! (I know I would) Ha! So here are some of my favourites that made B in the Making enjoyable to write and

THANK  YOU all for the inspiration, love, fun and support. x

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