The 80’s style was wild!

It was!  Looking back now, the 80’s fashion was energetic and liberating. Ok. Us youngsters back then ‘ The general Joe Blog’s of the real world’ emulated the celebrities of sound and music with our own versions.

From what I can remember we wore Relax T-shirts, Jellies (The shoes that made your feet sweat), painted jeans with ankle zips, Sovereign rings, Belcher and Rope chains, leggings back then and of today, Levis 501’s, La Gear, Coulettes, shoulder pad tops and jackets, socks with pom, pom on the back. Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, Adidas shell toes, Converse, Vans, Nike High tops, Boob tubes, biker shorts under skirts, Mini skirts, printed our denim jackets or cheap version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller leather jacket.

The hair was either mullets, Jheri Curl/ Wet look, high tops (think of the film House Party)Princess Diana or Wham starched to the max flick or your attempt at Madonna look.

Also thanks to Madonna it was allowed and cool to wear your underwear as outerwear. Not the case in my house though! And finally for us ladies the most important item of all… The roll-on glass tube lip gloss.

Oh! The memories! I can see you all either laughing or cringing. So thought I give you a little 80’s flashback. Enjoy!

Ray Petri image. Photo from my own copy of Buffalo Book

Nena Cherry and rope chain. Ph from my own copy of World is Yours book by Lawrence Watson

Ray Petri 1980's. Photo from my own copy Buffalo Book

Wham Choose Life Tees


Grease 1978 but the Painted Jeans evolved with zips in the 80's

Vintage Nike


Wild style

80's inspiration. Ph. Inez Van Lamsweede & Vinoodh Matadin

Disco girl

Images via the net.


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