Celebrate with Schön Magazine

I missed a good part of  the ‘Thank you’ party held by Schön Magazine. Why? Because 1. My partner broke the Lumix camera by dropping it.

2. Had to dig out my old Fuji camera, find the charger and charge it. 3. My Blackberry decided to play silly buggers.

Finally arrived to  The Music Room in my Lako Bukia bullet coat ( many admirers I might add), to a sweltering hot, packed venue. Did I make it to the seven people deep, fifteen people long bar? NO! Did I find my friends and I drinks. YES! Don’t want to toot my own horn but ‘Beep, beep’ on that one!

After a quick wander and hello’s I had to step outside.

“Blooming heck Raoul! Is the air conditioning on? How many people?”

“B. As soon as I sent out the invites it went crazy! 1000 people RSVP”

“That’s ‘love’ baby’

As it turns out over 600 people attended. I did not go to the after party but I am sure it was a fun.

Thank you Schön Magazine

Guest at Schön Magazine party. Ph. by JP Hion

Raoul Keil, Editor and I

Mr Panda

A heated Schön Mag

Guest browsing Schön

Raoul Keil looking dapper in Gieves and Hawkes

Trusty 2001 Fuji Finepix 50i camera


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