The Peroni Collaborazioni

Peroni  gave three high-profile UK bloggers each given three upcoming designers to create a one-off  piece that represents Italian style.

The ‘Tre belle Donne’ being Navaz Batliwalla/ Disney Roller Girl teamed up with Shaun Samson, Menswear DesignerSusie Lau/ Style Bubble with fashion designer Maarten Van Der Horst and Emily Johnston/Fashion Foie Gras with Jessica De Lotz, jewellery designer.

Having followed the ladies blogs throughout the process, I was eager to see the final result. And impressive it was! Even though some of the designs were not for me, I appreciated the craftsmanship as it evidently showed the designer’s love of their work. The clean production by LBI London (watcha Kyson!) and the unveiling at Blackall Studios was greeted by a lively packed house and additionally honoured by the iconic Anna Batista!

You should all be proud. You did a great job!

Anna Batista

Navaz Batliwalla, Disney Roller Girl & friend

Shaun Samson

Emily Johnston, Fashion Foie Gras with Jessica De Lotz

Jessica De Lotz

Susie Lau, Style Bubble

Maaten Van Der Horst


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