The Private View & after party. Lawrence Watson photographic exhibition of Noel Gallagher

OOo! I am tired! Even though I was cheek slapped from all the kisses, tongue lashed from all the chatting and laughing, I had a blast that night and the 400+ guests were well worth it.

The prep work that goes into organising these events is nuts! I spent a whole Sunday mounting 100 great Polaroids with Angelo, Lawrence and Helen (hope your thumb is better from all the frame cutting!)  that Lawrence took of his 18 months stint with Noel Gallagher  in LA for the run up to his first solo No.1  album  High Flying Birds‘ (check out  Lawrence’s interview here is no mean feat.

The additional 52 beautiful larger prints (left completely to Lawrence and the others to finish) was more than enough for me. But  ‘NO’. I was given the task to organise the RSVP’s Private View which took place Friday 28th October. Why do people have the propensity leave it to the last-minute I have no idea which made me late! And yeah! I gave a nice little rack on the knuckles! Ha!

If it wasn’t for Adidas, London Newcastle Project Space, Angelo Carnielo, Danoff Vodka (fantastic drink sponsors), Kerry Ryan, Declan McMullan, Sign Showroom, my fabulous door team Emma Crosby, Janet Scantlebury, the security boys whom I called Scrumptious, Biscuit & Pudding, deck masters David Dorrell, Eddie Pillar & Joel Marcus, and numerous others that deserve a mention but know who you are and finally, to all wonderful guests who turned up in support of Lawrence, we would all not have had such a kick-ass time! And the after party…well, they were still at it when I left at 1pm.

Lawrence Watson is a great, humble man and his work is well worth the visit. You would be a fool not to.

Event runs from 27th October – 13th November.

Location:London Newcastle Space, 28 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP.  

Monday-Friday 12-8pm and Sat-Sun -12-6pm

Lawrence Watson

L-R. Helen, Lawrence Watson & Angelo Carnielo

The Polaroid Prep

Limited edition Noel Gallagher Trainers. Ph. Asia Werbel

Ph. Asia Werbel

Ph. Asia Werbel

Noel Gallagher fans from Venice, Italy

3 Responses to “The Private View & after party. Lawrence Watson photographic exhibition of Noel Gallagher”
  1. Peter Allen says:

    Great review – great exhibition, great people and on until 13 November, everyday from 12 noon. Go see. Buy a piece of history in the making


  2. A. Ludwig says:

    Great exhibition, I was there on Saturday. It was a nice Noel day, first the exhibition, next the Hammersmith Apollo gig. Beautiful pictures, they would be looking nice on my walls at home too ^^

    I thought it was just a shame that there were no chance to buy a book or a programme with all or the most of the pictures in it, I would have bought it definitely. When I see Noel I can’t say no 😉


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