Met a Scientist and an Economist

In my field of work I do meet all sorts of people from different professions and today was a deja-vu moment of a different kind.

Power walking along the canal my girlfriends and I stopped at a cafe, I happen to lock eyes with this gentleman and we both smiled with that ‘ I know you, but can’t place you look?‘ . He was with his brother and niece (as it turned out). Finally I asked him, where I had seen him before, we went through the cerebral motions thinking where, then finally gave up. Introduced ourselves, we drank our tea and left. Got about 200 metres and the girls asked questions as to how I knew him. Then I had a ‘Stone the crows‘ moment, I rushed back and asked if he was a designer.

“No!’ David said laughing. ‘Far from it. I’m a scientist and my brother, Adam is an Economist’

Blooming heck! Not in a million years would those titles have come to mind looking at them both! And what a beauty Andrea is! A sign for me to broaden my horizons and keep on power-walking (so many changes and things to see) as you just never know who you might meet.

Nice meeting you all!

David the Scientist

Adam the Economist

Andrea the beautiful

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