Who is B in the Making?

For those of you who have kindly taken the time to read and follow me will know what I am about. For those who don’t here is a snap shot.

B in the Making is mainly a first hand experience what I see and hear from work to everyday life. Hopefully from a different angle. I do not force feed my readers, I like my readers to be entertained (hopefully) on my shenanigans!

As my background is fashion and plays a strong part of my life,  my blog is not about the ‘Must haves’, the ‘It’ colour, bag or celebrity etc.  I want my readers to ‘Consider’ the amazing alternatives that are out there and make it your own. What we now call in the business ‘micro-trend’.

However my preference is to champion and celebrate an individual’s success from all sides of the design culture.

But most of all B in the Making is about my wordings on life with a bit of me thrown in. So there you go.

This past month has been a nostalgic trip from me, enhanced even more by the current economic climate where every penny counts, I am at a stage where old school is now the new cool for me. I dug through some old pictures of me in my younger days and laughed my head off. I even found my tapes and my still functioning Sony Walkman! What I used to consider trash is now my new gold.

Florence, Italy 1997

Posing for a friend 1993

The originals

Raspberry Flavour. My Favourite


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