Quick fire questions to Claudia Behnke. The ‘Stylist’

I had heard Claudia’s name mentioned many times and had seen her published editorial works through the viral buzz of the social network via mutual friends. This soft-spoken, fun-loving German beauty bugged the crap out of me when we finally met for the first time this past London Fashion Week, but I could not think what? Where had I seen her before? She looked too familiar. It was not until after I saw the film DRIVE 2011 with Ryan Gosling (Yep! This man crush of mine gets another blog mention so deal with it!)  and after a Fashion Friday Tweet shout out that it clicked! Claudia Behnke has a striking resemblance to actress Carey Mulligan! And both their names begin with ‘C’!

Have a look and tell me if I lie?!

For me a stylist is a creative person who masters the art of merging fashion, people and surroundings in order to make a statement.  I also believe that a good stylist should have the skill and the ability to make their models enjoy what they are wearing. You can’t get great shots if they are miserable sods!  Claudia gets it all. Aside from following the trends, she has a great eye  for the avant-garde that is able to apply to the commercial. With that in mind, it is her considered approach that brings astounding results.

Claudia Benhnke styling for Ada Zanditon

Leaving Hamburg for London straight after A levels, Claudia assisted on many magazines such as Dazed Digital, Esquire  & Elle China to name a few for a short period, and her work quickly gained attention and published. Soon after, she turned freelance. In addition to applying her styling talents to short movies and videos, she is also a consultant, photographer and fashion show stylist. Oh! And has a passion for art directing. Phew!

So what else do we want to know?…

What 5 words would you stick on you?

Mad Hatter, sculpture lover, ‘Balmainiac’ (Balmain  fanatic), couture connoisseur, ‘Styleite’ (new term for style)

What was your first job as a stylist?

A graduate look-book with the amazingly, talented photographer/artist Michal Martychowiec

Did you have a childhood hero?

I always wanted to be like SHE-RA, The Princess of Power

In 3 words how would you describe your attitude towards life?

Nothing is impossible!

What part would you play in your favourite film and why? 

Lola in ‘Run Lola Run’. Because she’s an independent woman, action loving, ambitious and incredibly strong

If you are reincarnated and given 3 choices, what would they be?

Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Cleopatra (OOo! Good combo!)

What are your 2 favourite stylist items you cannot do without?

My address book and double-sided tape

What are the best parts you enjoy the most about your job?

Meeting amazing, creative people on a daily basis, the parties and being my own boss

What is your ultimate No! No! in you profession?

Wearing Crocs

If you could impart to the world your words of wisdom, what would they be?

Give your best, be your best right now. For now is all we have

Thank you Claudia


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