Quick fire questions to Raoul Keil. Editor of Schön! Magazine

I have  known Raoul Keil since 2007. A genuine, soft soul character who strives for happiness and success, and  now an Editor -in-Chief I have watched him grow in a way that is truly remarkable.

In such a short space of time Schön! Magazine has obtained an aesthetic by being forceful with its creative direction and the results provide visually inspiring editorials. Together with networking platform, Nineteen 74 for creatives which he founded in 2008,  Schön! Magazine  created a year later, it is gathering faster momentum and grabbing some serious limelight. I know Raoul but do you? Here is a little more about the maestro himself.

What 5 words would you stick on you?

Honest, polite, open-minded, picky and focused

Did you have a childhood hero? 

My mum

In 3 words how would you describe your attitude towards life?

There’s just one life (5 words, sorry!)

What part would you play in your favourite film and why?

The director. I wouldn’t need to watch how I look on camera

If you were reincarnated and given 3 choices what would they be?

I would quite like to be myself again

What is you ultimate NO-NO in your profession?


What’s the best part you enjoy the most about your job

I only need to report to myself

If you could impart to the world your words of wisdom, what would they be?

You always meet twice in life!

 Thank you, Raoul.

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